About Los Angeles, California

The Medical Travel Summit 2017By all measures, Los Angeles County is large. It is the most populated county in the nation, with 10 million residents in a land area of over 4,000 square miles. It is home to a diverse and dynamic workforce of almost million, producing a gross regional product estimated to be $544 billion—larger than Switzerland, Saudi Arabia or Taiwan.

Statewide, California has nearly 90,000 employees in the bioscience industry; the five-county area of Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange County make up over half of that employment composition. Approximately 31,360 people are at work, producing pharmaceuticals, medical apparatus, medical equipment and supplies, and conducting research in the life sciences in L.A.

County (LAEDC). Some estimates even place LA County in the low
40,000’s in terms of employment in the bioscience industry:

  • In biopharmaceuticals, LA County is home to 90 companies and 7,421 employees and in medical devices.
  • L.A. County is home to some of the nation’s finest research and teaching hospitals including the UCLA Medical Center, USC’s Keck School of Medicine, Keck Graduate Institute, the City of Hope, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, the Doheny and Stein Eye Institutes and a number of other specialized research facilities, such as the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute. Caltech’s scientists, researchers, students and technology transfer office are working on implantable drug pumps, artificial retinas, 3D dental imaging, and many other technologies including sensor arrays to deliver muscle commands to robotic limbs. These are just a few examples of the local innovation in L.A. County that is driving the spinoff of companies and delivering a workforce capable of helping these companies succeed.
  • Supporting their efforts are a number of organizations in L.A. County like the Southern California Biomedical Council, the Pasadena
  • BioScience Collaborative, LAB Launch, and more–all of whom are part of the LAEDC’s LA BioScience (LABS) Coalition.
  • Biomed parks can be found at L.A. Biomed in Torrance, Cal State Northridge, West Los Angeles, and clusters of medical research firms in Santa Clarita and Pasadena.